Explore Thailand with us

With its extensive and varied range of tours, Buro Thailand makes it possible to make your dreams come true in Thailand. You can book a trip from our program or have it completely customized. Do you want to stay in a city or on the beach, enjoy the tranquility, travel individually or in groups, or a combination of these options, with Rowaco Asia Travel you have the specialist at your side for a carefree and perfectly arranged Thailand holiday. Feel free to contact us.

We can offer

Accommodation: in Hotels & Resorts

We offer you a wide choice and variety of 3*-4*-5* - star accommodations throughout Thailand. In addition to the demand for luxury hotels, we also see an increasing demand for boutique and small-scale accommodations with personal service in the city to beautiful comfortable lodges in the most beautiful nature. The many beach destinations and beach hotels in Thailand invite you to stay longer.

City Packages - Bangkok and Chiang Mai

To get you started on the first days of your stay in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, we offer city packages based on some of our hotels. Extension of your stay is of course possible.

Explorers - half or full day tours

In our explorers in Bangkok and Chiang Mai we have brought together various sights and attractions in several varied thematic full and half day tours. These explorers are carried out daily with a comfortable car or minibus, by boat, by bicycle, on foot, by train or other public transport. Some tours are in international company and include transportation from your hotel. The tours can easily be combined into a multi-day package. In addition to seeing the many sights, cycling in Thailand has also become increasingly popular in recent years. We offer wonderful bike explorers in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Mini trips - short overnight tours

Both from Bangkok and from Chiang Mai, we offer several varied short multi-day excursions including overnight stays. These mini trips are carried out daily from Bangkok and Chiang Mai by comfortable car or minivan. The mini trips are carried out on a private basis. Some mini trips are conducted in an international group.

From Bangkok you can make these mini trips to the famous River Kwai, the old capital Ayutthaya and nearby national parks. From Chiang Mai you can book mini trips to, among others, Lampang, Mae Hong Son and to Chiang Rai and the Golden Triangle

Active and Adventure Tours

The jungles of Northern Thailand and Southern Thailand in particular are extremely suitable for numerous active and adventurous arrangements. We offer, among other things

-Chiang Mai Adventure Treks

From Chiang Mai and in the beautiful nature of the north of Thailand, we offer adventure treks with a stay with the hill tribes. These arrangements are performed in an international group or on a private basis.

-Khao Sok Adventure Tours

In the south of Thailand we offer packages to the tropical rainforests of the Khao Sok National Park from Khao Lak, Phuket, Krabi, Surat Thani or Koh Samui. The packages are carried out in an international company.

Traveling around Thailand

-Discovery Tours

With our Discovery Tours you will get to know the most interesting regions and sights of Thailand in a comfortable way. You travel on a private basis, so without strangers joining. The tours are conducted in air-conditioned passenger cars or minivans, with a private driver and an English-speaking local guide. Sometimes parts of the trip are included that are carried out in an international company. The tours end in strategically located places that offer excellent logistical connections to other parts of the country by plane, train, bus and boat. Extension with a few individual overnight stays in the hotels offered by us is of course also possible. All tours are easy to combine.

-Panorama tours

In our panorama tours we offer you varied complete private tours where we have arranged everything for you. You will be picked up at the airport on arrival by a private transfer and taken back to the relevant airport at the end of the trip. These tours are conducted in excellent air-conditioned passenger cars or minivans with an expert Thai driver and an expert English-speaking Thai guide. Sometimes parts of the trip are included that are carried out in an international company

Beach holidays & Island Hopping

If you've ever dreamed of vacationing on island paradises and exploring the surrounding underwater world, our comfortable, adventurous island hopping and snorkeling packages in the waters of both the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea are just made for you.

Tailormade tours – design your own trip

You can make virtually unlimited combinations with components from our extensive range of accommodations, explorers, mini trips, active and adventure tours, discovery tours and panoramic tours. Despite our offer on this website, if you still want to stay in another hotel or add completely different arrangements and components to your trip, we will be happy to help you with that, until your dream trip is completely to your liking.