Koh Samet

Welcome to Koh Samet

"a laid-back island paradise nearby Bangkok"

Koh Samet is located approximately 190 km southeast of Bangkok in the Gulf of Thailand. From Bangkok it is a 3-hour drive and from Pattaya 1 hour to the town of Ban Phe in Rayong province, from where a ferry takes you to this tropical paradise in 45 minutes. Car traffic, except for local passenger transport, is not allowed on Koh Samet. The island is a popular destination for both Thai (especially due to its favorable location for many Bangkokians a great place to escape the city) and foreign tourists, because of its beautiful beaches and a clear blue sea with a colorful underwater world. The island has developed well touristically with a wide and varied range of accommodation, restaurants, bars, and activities.

The island is only 13 km2 and is shaped like the letter “T”. On the north-south axis the island is 7 km long and 4 km along the width axis on the north side of the island. The island offers powdery white sand beaches to the east and mostly forested and rocky headlands to the west. Hiking trails have been set out in the narrow, hilly, forested interior, suitable for exploring the flora and fauna. Clamber from bay to bay over the rocks, relax on one of the many beautiful beaches, swim in a clear blue sea, windsurf, sea fishing, diving and snorkeling and island hopping by longtail boat and speedboat in the marine national park.

Koh Samet is part of the Khao Laem Ya–Mu Koh Samet National Park. Foreign visitors must pay a national park fee upon arrival at Na Dan on Koh Samet.

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Beaches and accommodation on Koh Samet

Although small, Koh Samet boasts 14 beautiful beaches with white silky sand and clear blue waters. The beaches are dotted from top to bottom along the island’s east coast with a couple to choose from on the west and north. Generally, things get more laid back the further south you go. So, if you are looking for the best beach to stay and enjoy peace and quiet then head south. If you want beach bars, music, and a night out the northern beaches will be a better place for you to stay. On many beaches cajeput trees grow abundantly (the name "samet" means "cajeput"). We offer you accommodation on most of the beaches listed below.

The West Coast

The west coast is more isolated and less accessible with rocky and forested headlands and generally a lot quieter than the east coast.

Ao Phrao (meaning: Paradise Bay) is the main dock and the only beach on the west coast. The beach is truly paradise with its white sand, palm trees and green mountains and an azure blue sea and beautiful sunsets. This is the bay to stay with the whole family!

Hotel: Ao Prao Resort - 4 Stars (4/5) : Le Vimarn Cottages - 4 Stars (4/5)

The East Coast

Most of the beaches are on the east side of the island with beautiful sunrises. Main beaches from north to south are

Ao Noi Na, in the northern part of Koh Samet, just north of Sai Kaew Beach. A quiet beach that is great for relaxation.

Hotels: Samed Club - 3 Stars (3/5) ; Baan Ploy Sea - 3 Stars (3/5)

Hat Sai Kaew, (literally Crystal Sand Beach) is the longest (1 km), most popular and most developed beach, with sun loungers, water sports activities, restaurants, and bars. The beach is closest to Na Dan pier and at the most northeastern tip of the island.

Hotel: Baan Supparod - 3 Stars (3/5) ; Sai Kaew Beach Resort - 4 Stars (4/5)

Ao Hin Khok, is a small beach next to Hat Sai Kaew and separated by a small rocky outcrop where there is a mermaid statue.

Ao Phai, is located next to Ao Hin Hok.

Ao Phutsa, also known as Ao Tuptim, is within walking distance of Ao Phai, a small quiet cove. A good place for snorkeling.

Ao Nuan, a secluded bay with a small, but beautiful beach with a few rocks and trees

Ao Chao, also known as Ao Lung Wan, a sandy beach with a boat pier

Ao Wong Duean, known as Full Moon Beach, is the second largest beach on the island after Hat Sai Kaew.

Hotel: Vongduan Resort - 3 Stars (3/5)

Ao Thian, known as candlelight beach, is a quiet beach with many rocks.

Ao Wai, close to Ao Thian, an isolated bay 'picture perfect' with white sand, palm trees and beautiful rocks at the ends of the beach.

Ao Kio Na Nok, a secluded beach in the south with a beautiful sunrise and sunset.

Hotel: Paradee Resort - 5 Stars (5/5)

Ao Karang, in the southernmost point of Koh Samet, a quiet secluded beach in a beautiful bay that meets all the clichés: powder white sand, azure blue sea, rugged rocks and many cajeput trees that provide the necessary shade.

Khao Laem Ya-Mu Koh Samet National Park

Located in Rayong Province, the 131 km2 marine park encompasses part of the mainland coastline and islets in the Gulf of Thailand. In addition to Koh Samet, Khao Plet (Plet Hill and Valley), Khao Laem Ya (Laem Ya Hill and Valley), and Mae Ram Phung Beach on the mainland, together with 9 other small islands, are the main attractions.

The other small islands of the national park

Near the southernmost point of Koh Samet are 3 small rock islands: Koh Chan (Moon Island), Koh San Chalam (Shark Scale Island) and Hin Khao (White Rock)

2.5 km east of Koh Samet is Koh Kudi ((Monk's Chamber Island)

Near Koh Kudi are Koh Khang Khao (Bat's Bottom Island) and Koh Tham Rusi with good snorkeling opportunities

About 600 m north of Koh Kudi are Koh Kruai (Cone Island), Koh MaKham (Tamarind Island) and Koh Plai Tin (Foot's Tip Island) with good snorkeling opportunities

6 km east of Koh Kudi - or 8.5 km from Koh Samet - is Koh Talu (Hole Island) with a limestone cave and bizarre rock formations with colorful marine life, a good diving and snorkeling spot, and from the top of the island you have a stunning view over the marine national park

Ban Phe - Samed Port Rayong Pao

Koh Samet - Viewpoint

Sunrise at Ao Kio Na Nok

Hat Sai Kaew Beach